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The Simple Set Up

Our Standard Bar Set up.

This bar is perfect for any size party and space with no additional rental charge. Multiple wraps to choose from to compliment the theme of your party and personal style.

The Loretta

Isn’t she beautiful!

The Loretta is perfect for a casual outdoor gathering or an upscale wedding. This nineteenth century credenza has been upcycled and magnificently transferred into the most elegant looking mobile bar. The posterior has been removed to create a fully functional area to hide mixers, cups, napkins, and any other bar essentials, which will be kept away from guests’ eyes to maintain a sleek and clean appearance. The Loretta’s rental price is $100.00 and is accompanied with an antique side table with personalized message displayed on its chalk board, and also a chic back bar.

More Bars to come!

We are working hard to create one-of-a-kind amazing mobile bars. Stay tuned!